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We sell great looking dog tags that can be used for personal identification, medical or special condition alert, club or group identification, personalized gift for your significant other, company identification, or even for your dog... The only limit is your imagination - or 5 lines of 15 characters - whichever comes first!

A single order consists of two dog tags with your personal message and two chains. One chain is long enough to wear around your neck and the other is key-chain length. Order the silencer, a removable rubber edge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a limited number of the notched tags. Orders are on a first come basis.

Military Polished Stainless*
Military Dull Stainless
Matte Black Finish
Solid Brass
Optional Silencers
Luggage, Key, Pet
Notched Tags
Medical Tag
Gold Tag**
Shipping & Handling
$8.00      Pair
$8.00      Pair
$9.00      Pair
$10.00    Pair
$2.00      Pair
$5.00      Each
$19.95    Set
$7.00      Each
$Call For Price


       * USPHS recieve free silencer when ordering polished stainless steel tags.


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